Had fun filming on MTV’s Teen Moms UK 🙂 Looking for Children’s Party Entertainment!!? For a Magic & Mayhem Kid’s Party where the children can play in a Mini Circus Workshop to start the party, sit down to be entertained with Magic & Puppets, play fun party games and win prizes and enjoy dancing to their favourite party dances!!! https://www.adriancatch.co.uk/childrens-entertainer-2/

Adrian Catch

Looking for a Lancashire Children’s Entertainer?  Or a Blackpool Children’s Entertainer!!??? I had a great time entertaining at the Laughing Donkey Family Bar on Blackpool’s South Pier last week, with two action packed nights that included magic, party games and a family disco!

We started the evening with a mini circus workshop! – Lancashire Children’s Entertainer

We had children of all ages trying their hand at plate spinning!

They were walking on the bucket stilts…

and pedalling on the pedal go’s and some of the mums and dads even attempted to master the hula hoops.

Lancashire Children's Entertainer - Blackpool Children's Entertainer

Can you master the art of plate spinning??? One of the many skills you can learn in a circus workshop or a ‘Greatest Show’ Party!!!

Once they had mastered the circus skills we held the ‘Laughing Donkey Circus Olympics’

With a very special ‘Laughing Donkey Pedal Go Grand Prix’, Bucket Stilt Walking Race & a Hula Hoop Championship.

After the Circus games it was showtime…

Kid’s Comedy Magic Show – Lancashire Children’s Entertainer

As ‘Catchy’ the Children’s Magician, I entertained the children & their parents with my Fun Kid’s Magic Show, not just magic though, as the children’s favourite puppet made an appearance!

Blackpool Children's Entertainer - Lancashire Children's Entertainer - Adrian Catch Children's Magician

Adrian Catch Fun Children’s Magic – one of the many activities in a Magic & Mayhem Party!

‘Whizzy’ the Wonder Dog caused all sorts of mischief before proving he can do real magic 😉

The children’s magic show and circus workshop got the party started!

And then we had some Crazy Party Games and a Kid’s Mini Disco – Lancashire Children’s Entertainer

Of course Lancashire Children’s Entertainer Adrian Catch always plays non elimination games, that way no one gets bored! A real winner with the kid’s was a game called ‘Freeze-Bop’ – as they get a chance to win loads of prizes!

As always the Party Dancing proved to be very popular with not just the kids but the adults too! Y.M.C.A, Cha Cha Slide, Chu Chu Ua and of course the kid’s favourite party dance (of the moment) Baby Shark.

Children’s Entertainment with Lancashire Children’s Entertainer Adrian Catch at the Laughing Donkey, South Pier Blackpool.

I’ll be back in the evening this Thursday, 18th April & Easter Sunday, 21st April. Looking forward to it already!

Tonight I’ll be entertaining in Pirate’s Bay at Blackpool’s Central Pier. 😁

Looking forward to tonight at Pirates Bay. Might get there early for a bit of nerf target practise with Davey Dee 😛

Posted by Adrian Catch on Friday, 5 April 2019

My new you tube channel is up and running! Thought I’d start off with a bit of footage of the recent pantomime.

Future video footage will be all about children’s party tips and ideas, also video’s of some of my own children’s & family parties and easy peasy magic tricks that you can learn yourselves. Looking forward to working on this project!


Loads of fun spent in Bolton in the last week playing ‘Catch the Clown’ for a Mark Daniel Production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Had a great time with an amazing cast and crew.

Thank you to Mark Daniel for having faith in me to cast me as ‘chief clown’ 😉

Baby Shark in Panto.

Nothing get’s past me!

And thanks for all those lovely families in Bolton, Manchester and even from Leeds for coming to see us! Not forgetting those from my home town of Blackpool and of course Katie and grandad Malcolm that came all the way from Rawtenstall!

We did it!!!

That’s very funny!

Goldilocks! You’re not Shirley Bassey!!!

This time next year!

I had a ball and think I’ve got back the bug to do it all again!