My new you tube channel is up and running! Thought I’d start off with a bit of footage of the recent pantomime.

Future video footage will be all about children’s party tips and ideas, also video’s of some of my own children’s & family parties and easy peasy magic tricks that you can learn yourselves. Looking forward to working on this project!


Loads of fun spent in Bolton in the last week playing ‘Catch the Clown’ for a Mark Daniel Production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Had a great time with an amazing cast and crew.

Thank you to Mark Daniel for having faith in me to cast me as ‘chief clown’ 😉

Baby Shark in Panto.

Nothing get’s past me!

And thanks for all those lovely families in Bolton, Manchester and even from Leeds for coming to see us! Not forgetting those from my home town of Blackpool and of course Katie and grandad Malcolm that came all the way from Rawtenstall!

We did it!!!

That’s very funny!

Goldilocks! You’re not Shirley Bassey!!!

This time next year!

I had a ball and think I’ve got back the bug to do it all again!